Artist Statement

Since I was a child, I was always interested and fascinated by history. While I was growing up I always had a camera everywhere I went, and I had not determined yet that I wanted to become a photographer. I went to Germany when I was eighteen, and while I was on that trip, I realized that I absolutely loved taking pictures and that a photographer is what I wanted to become. Over the years, I also realized that I wanted to photograph what I want to and what I love, and that I had no interest in photographing for someone else.
When I reflect on the content of the images I photograph, I realize the "why" I photograph them as well. My two passions and interests of history and photography seemed to blend and meld into artwork.


The Solitude Gallery includes images that make me feel alone. These images are mainly landscapes that would make one feel completely alone, as if it is just the viewer in that space at peace and totally content.
The Abandoned Gallery includes a figure, or figures, in places or buildings. There was a time in history when a person, or multiple people, occupied this space and made their own memories. I try to capture the essence of these memories in this series.
In the Abandonment Gallery, the images are similar to the Abandoned Gallery, except that I do not include any figures in these spaces.
When I go out and take pictures, I try to imagine myself being in that time or in that space, whether that time is one family, one person, or generations of people and families. I try to capture what they left behind, so to speak. Their essence of their "time" spent in that space. These spaces hold so much more than what we see, they hold so many different emotions, and that is what I achieve to capture. It also raises the question, What will I leave behind? What essence of "me" will remain for future generations?